Cost of Freedom released in print to demand freedom for Bassel Khartabil and introspect the costs of participation in free knowledge movements

San Francisco — Sunday, 22 May 2016 — Cost of Freedom: A Collective Inquiry is a book demanding freedom for Bassel Khartabil and introspect the costs of participation in free knowledge movements. The book was written in Pourrières, France from November 2nd to 6th, 2015, with contributions from 45 free knowledge activists around the world, including Creative Commons founder and former U.S. presidential candidate Lawrence Lessig and Khartabil’s spouse, Noura Ghazi Safadi, and uncle, Faraj Rifait.

Today the book is available in electronic and print formats for reading, downloading, sharing, and purchase at The entire book is dedicated to the public domain with the “CC Zero” license (CC0-1.0).

Bassel Khartabil is a free knowledge and human rights activist who has been detained in Syria since 15 March 2012, and missing since 3 October 2015. A global #FREEBASSEL movement ranging from Amnesty International to the Wikimedia Foundation has steadfastly called for Khartabil’s release.

Cost of Freedom builds its case for the cost and value of free and open knowledge through essays on the pains and relevance of free culture in the real world and personal reflections on the life, contributions, and costs paid by Khartabil.

#NEWPALMYRA Director Barry Threw said, “Bassel has dedicated his life toward advancing freedom for the people of Syria and the world. This book contains vital perspectives from thought leaders and activists on the price we pay to secure freedom for all. “

#FREEBASSEL Co-Campaign Lead Jon Phillips said “Today Bassel is 35. We demand the best birthday present for him, his birthright, freedom! Read and share Cost of Freedom. Ask #WhereIsBassel? Demand #FREEBASSEL.”

Cost of Freedom is one of many creative efforts inspired by Khartabil and demanding his freedom. The #FREEBASSEL movement has been covered by The Guardian, The Washington Post, and CNN. More information is available at

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